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Finding the Way Back to Earth by Fond

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Finding the Way Back to Earth

Jan. 2012.  A story by Fond ( Miss Fonteparit Devakul ), age 9
PTIS international school IB World, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand
This is her very first unedited version, all your helps and comments are most welcome too.

I heard a noise in the middle of a field while I was playing with my best friend Michelle. The sound came closer and closer but I didn’t know what it was. Michelle and I were frightened, I thought what should I do?.. Should I continue or should I go back?. Finally I knew I should go back. So I ran as fast as I could.
Michelle and my dog named Gold was also following me.

We ran into an observatory then ran into this room “Called up and away!” but there was a sign said “DANGER still fixing” but we didn’t see it ,so we ran in. We went into this cool rocket. Suddenly I heard a rumbling sound. Then Michelle realized there was smoke came out of space shuttle…KABOOM!!! “Oh No” cried Michelle. I closed my eyes until the sound stopped. We were out of space. “Beep Beep Beep!” a sound came from cupboard. I walked slowly to the cupboard and opened it. “Hello sir”  “Ahhhhhhh!!!” scream Michelle. I was shocked. “My name is Robobot ha ha ha!

Why are you scared? I’m just a kind robot who work in here” Michelle and I were please to know he wasn’t dangerous. Michelle looked outside the window then she started thinking about alien, but no one believed her about alien.

Suddenly my dog barked at a huge asteroid, and behind that asteroid was the sun. The asteroid came toward us. Robbot quickly steered the steering wheel when the asteroid passed us. Robobot suddenly told us not to look at the sun so we quickly turned back. Michelle and I looked at my dog, he was fast asleep.

Fond's painting of " Thong " ( Gold )

I was so scared we were going to hit the sun, but we were not. “We were going to hit the moon!” Robobot shouted. “We aren’t going to hit the moon. I am an expert on driving this thing”. So safely we didn’t hit the moon but instead… we landed on the moon. “Yippee!” Cried everyone, then we heard a stranger noise, “Bump!” We quickly ran backwards and we saw handkerchief moving. “Bark! Bark!. I looked at the handkerchief again but inside that handkerchief was just my dog.

My dog was so frightened he ran then hit the door so hard, it flew off. We realize Gold was chasing something, he was chasing an alien!!! Then the alien came running toward us but…It smell like cheese! So I also ran to the alien, but the cheese smell really bad so I stop. I looked around the space alien, on the back of it was my dog. He was chewing on the alien. Suddenly, I wondered why I could breath.

I noticed I was wearing a space suit as was Michelle and my dog. Then Robobot said “I’ve finish fixing the space shuttle, let’s go, and take that alien with you”  “What!?” I exclaimed. “It’s gonna kill us all” “No worry, it just a cheese sniffing alien” “O.K.” I said. Then we went into the space shuttle. When we all went into the space shuttle, Roboto shouted out “Who want to fly in the space? No one answered except my dog. “So you want to go with me huh, Let’s go”.

Here is the guy, Fond's Lego

A minute later, Michelle and I were left alone in the space shuttle. But Michelle spotted a big asteroid that was going to hit the Robobot and my dog.  Michelle started to shout “Be careful! Be careful!” But it was too late. “Oh no, who is going to drive the space shuttle” cried Michelle. “Boo hoo hoo!! What I am I going to do, I love my dog!!!”  “it’s ok we will go and help them” said Michelle. “But can you even drive the space shuttle?” “Um… I sure can!” shouted Michelle “then go ahead drive the space shuttle”. Michelle wasn’t too sure what to do, then she saw a  green button and a red button she thought the red button is self-destruct so she press  the green button. “ZOOM!!!” the space shuttle flew off quickly we pass  Mars and the huge Jupiter “ Lets land on Jupiter!” “ You can’t land on Jupiter!, Jupiter is just a gas ball!” “Then we should land on Saturn!” cried Michelle.

Then we saw Saturn rings but then we heard a bump. There were so many asteroids surrounding us because we pass the asteroid belt. I spotted there was a big bump on the back of the space shuttle but the space shuttle was ok. Then we flew away, but something was missing… it was just the cheese alien. He was just chewing the space shuttle outside “What?  he can’t be chewing the space shuttle in our story no way that will happen” “ok if you don’t want that to happen I’ll give him my cheese!” I shouted, and then throw him a huge cheese. He was munching on it so hard.

Then a moment later the cheese was all gone. So I kept giving him more cheese. Then we decided to look at Uranus, if we can find Robobot and Gold. When we landed on Uranus we walked around Uranus. Michelle saw a note floating in the air. She read it, it said “If you want to find Robobot  and Gold you have to find the clue. The first clue was colder than Uranus and freezing than Uranus. So we thought about Neptune. When we landed on Neptune Michelle and I also found another clue. The second clue was a planet that starts with the letter P. Michelle shouted out “Aha!! It’s the last planet Pluto!” we quickly flew to Pluto.

When we were at Pluto, Michelle and I walked to the door to open it. But before we open it Robobot and Gold opened that door. “Yahoo yippee hooray!!!!!” everyone shouted loudly “I thought you guys were gone forever, especially you gold I LOVE YOU!!!!!! “Now can we go home” everyone sigh “So why don’t we go now!” exclaimed Robobot. So we zoomed back to Earth. 

But when we were heading back to Earth there were space ships surrounding us. It was just the cheese alien wanted to follow us to the cheese factory. Home at last!!!!!!!” Michelle and I screamed, and also Robobot became our servant. Then our mums and dads came running toward us “Are you ok? I thought you guy were gone forever!” “We’re ok” “And also I’ve planed that today we are going to the observatory” Michelle’s mum said. Michelle and I looked at each other and screamed out

“HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!”
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